5 Years


It’s been interesting 5 years. Because never ever crossed in my mind that I’ll be working in the advertising agency. Graduating from an IT department, I’m thinking of working on the software house or IT department will definitely my career path.

But couple weeks back, I’m thinking about the relations between my childhood, my hobby, and what I’m doing right now. All seems written by God for me. Since I’m in elementary, the number one subject that I love the most is Indonesian. Though I’m not an expert on the EYD-thing. Then I’m started to get interested in digital world named Website since I’m 14 years old, in 2000 where warnet cost about IDR 20.000 for an hour and I’m so excited when I can access Yahoo.com for the first time. I writing down all the URL I got from newspaper or TV then browse it down when I go to the warnet. From that point of my life, I said to myself that one day I’ll make one :D. In the college, I love to write all the idea that I got randomly. The idea was so random. I like to create things that I like. When I watch a reality show, I imagine myself as a reality show creator and create my own reality show. When I watch a fiction tv series, I’m thinking of creating a story and imagine that the idea will be developed into a tv series. Yes, that’s how I run my college life, thinking every day, and imagining idea.

Graduated from the college, I’m saying to myself that I wanna be an IT guy, but not a typical IT guy. I want to be a cool IT guy. Someone who know about IT, but not working 100% on that one. I never think about the details. Then I’m becoming a typical IT guy in my previous company for 2 years hahaha.

Fast forward, 2 years after I worked at my previous company, I was thinking of moving forward to the web company. After do some chit chat with my college friend, I’m applying to AITINDO.

What I’m expecting that time is that I just want to be a developer. That’s all. No other vision.

For the first 2 years, yes, I was working as a web developer, I learn a lot how to make a proper website, but the most important thing is how to know the process, to know what the client need and how the people will use the website.

Then for the next 2.5 years, I learn how to brainstorming the idea and manage the team. How to coordinate the designer, the developer, and the social media team. It’s a learning process to handle the team. It’s challenging in the beginning but along the way it’s manageable.

The brainstorming is a challenging yet fun things to do. The way I and the team do brainstorm on the back days is soo painful compared to today. But then, we all learned to understand what the client want.

Then goes to another challenge that I love. Writing a story. On 2011-2012, we got to handle many client that needs a story for their campaign. Named Biskuat, BCA, and Toblerone. This time, I lead the group to write the love story, a comic story and a testimonial. It’s all comes not bad. The IT guy writing a storyline for a love story, maybe you’re not believe on that one. I also don’t believe it up until now.

Also, never crossed my mind, that every month I have to check social media copies from the social media team. But then the knowledge from the Indonesian subject that I learn in school is so helping me out.

Then here we come today. In the last 6 months, I’m starting to learn new things. Handling Client. It feels like 2 years ago when I’m started to manage the team. It’s like you want to avoid it, but you know it will take you to next level. And I believed that I’ll be gladful if I can survive on this one 😀

But summarizing all the things above, I feel blessed working in the digital agency generally and AITINDO specifically. It fits all my hobby, passion, and interest. And the new challenge is also coming every day in different shapes. And as I said, it will help me go to the next level.

Last but not least, I like to say thanks for all of my boss and mentor: Raymon, Didit, Ferry, and my very first developer mentor Martin 😀