Unexpected Things While Travelling


Travelling, as I said before is a very therapeutic ways for me to escape from the everyday hectic and daily routine. But sometimes even the best thing in life has a flaw and the best-planned trip has an unexpected thing happen.

  1. Brushing my teeth in the closet, inside Akihabara Station

On my trip to Japan last year, my plane arrived in Nagoya. Since I was planned to explore Tokyo, I’m using a night bus from Nagoya to Shinjuku in Tokyo. The bus comes on time, and I landed in Tokyo in the morning. But since my room in the capsule hotel are not ready yet, I have to brush my teeth in the public toilet. I go to the train station, buying 1 bottle of Evian (yes, I’m brushing my teeth with Evian water :D), go inside the toilet cubicle, and brushing my teeth facing the toilet.

  1. Have my ankle swollen while travelling alone.

So before my trip to Tokyo, I was transit in KL. Meet my friends who also travelling by in BB. And as usual, I can’t avoid the temptation of H&M. I’m buying a new canvas shoes there. When I landed in Nagoya, the city was poured with a heavy rain. But I have to go to the bus stop, no matter what. I bought an umbrella, but still my shoes were wet and some of my shirt wet as well. The very next day in Tokyo, I’m using my new canvas shoes I bought in KL. And it was starting a nightmare. The shoes hurt my feet skin. And cause I avoid it, it hurts my ankle. Yes, the next day it swollen and hurts. I can’t walk properly. I’m so scared that I’ll got a fever or I can’t walk at all so that I have to go using a taxi to the bus stop. The taxi fare will killing me :D. But, fortunately, I can overcome with the swollen though it hurts and it recover itself months later.

  1. Wrong Immigration Exit

When I’m going to KL by train from Singapore, eventually I was taken a wrong bus. The bus (which I taken from Kranji MRT) go to the bus side of Woodlands CIQ, instead of the train side. I don’t even know if the train and bus go on different immigration check. Then I was asked to be seated next to the immigration officer while waiting for his friend. I was sitting there about 5 minutes and see couples of people get their passport checked. Yes, they all looking at me like I’m a people with a problem. Then I was taken to the office. Get cleared, and getting asked to go to the train side of the immigration. Fortunately, I still have a lot of time to catching up my train, it’s an interesting experience by the way 😀


  1. Domino’s Effect Delay

On my last flight back from Los Angeles to Guangzhou, there’s a bad weather situation that makes my plane can’t do the landing and have to go back to Beijing. The plane should arrive in Guangzhou at 8:00am and I have another flight to Singapore at 10:30am. The plane still stuck on Beijing up to 10am and we were informed that all flight from and to Guangzhou must be delayed.

We just arrived in Guangzhou about 12:30pm and it was chaos on the Baiyun Intl. Airport. The flight to Singapore take about 6 hours and will depart at 6pm. Can you imagine what time i would arrive in Singapore? It will be on the midnight and there will be no other flight to Jakarta. And my 4pm flight from Singapore to Jakarta by AirFrance was definitely wasted. After some haggled to the on ground staff, i request for a direct flight from Guangzhou to Jakarta. And after waiting for 1 hour, the kind on-ground staff finally gave me the direct flight to Jakarta. It was felt amazing.

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